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Why Meth Crabs?


As we plow ahead into 2017, the movie market continues to change.  Technology and online platforms have transformed how movies are produced, distributed, marketed and funded.  This has led to a revolution and a Wild West mentality to making feature films.  Big studio films with budgets in the millions continue to get made, however some of these make no profits at all and with millions of dollars on the line it's a huge problem that has led studios to churn out the same movies over and over again in order to make up for the flops.  Marvel Avenger movies will continue to be the made over and over again.


This is why independent movies are rising.  By raising funding outside of the studio system, Independent producers are able to release films that are fresh and exciting and fill the "new movie" void left by the studios.  On top of that, by keeping the budgets low the risk involved is lessened as the opportunity to make a profit through self distribution on online and streaming platforms continues to rise.


That being said about Independent films, I'd like to get back to Meth Crabs.


Meth Crabs is a horror comedy film that hits a very STABLE and LOYAL fan base.  Horror fans.  Best fans ever.  

American Film Market's study in 2016 found that (low-budget) clear-concept horror films generated the most net profit for investors/producers from 2000-2016.  


Horror fans love horror movies.  The weirder the better.  The gorier the better.  The more obscure the better.


This fan base not only will watch even the most terribly produced and written horror drivel, but they will crowd behind it and revel in its cheesy one liners and lack of production value.  This is because they are used to it.  The horror genre is a strange catalog of films that range in quality, tone, gore, laughs, and thrills.  The horror fan loves it all.  


With the popularity of the Sharknado series of films and the scores of copycat shark-something titles, its plain to see this is a niche of viewers who revel in the obscure and non-traditional type of film that Meth Crabs will provide.  Along-side comic book characters, horror film franchises are a frenzy of merchandise, cos-players, blogs, and a bevy of non traditional advertising opportunities.  You can bet your bikini clad bottom that Meth Crabs will garner the attention of this ever-growing gang of fans and will hit this niche with an experience they can really get behind.

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