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Coney Island, NY

The location is a character.

    Once the quintessential place to vacation starting from the 1800s, where the beach and Luna amusement Park has seen countless fires and recently battled with Hurricane Sandy, but still has been a location that has stood the test of time no matter natural or man-made disaster.

    Between 1880 and World War II it was the largest amusement park in the United States attracting several million visitors per year. In 1964-1965 it was home to the World’s Fair where technology and the latest in cultural trends was tested among its guests. There were more tourists seen at Coney Island that would be equivalent to visitors to Disney World. It was the place to visit.

     Where movies are made is very influential in both the process (while filming) and once distribution has been made. To an extent specific locations help with tourism. There is still tours around both Philadelphia and NYC (like the Sex and the City Tour Bus), that are directed to movie buffs who want to see the spots there favorite movies were made. It is the hope and intention of Meth Crabs to show our love of Brooklyn’s beach resort, Coney Island and help make this location great again.

    It is home to the Freak Show which has been a long standing running show since 1880s. The exhibits have changed from mummified sewn together oddities to performers who have grown up striving to be a “freak”. Tourists can see fire breathers to magicians to men walking on glass.

    The events of Coney Island have also brought out amazing characters, who can truly be themselves like the Mermaid Parade (which is the Brooklyn version of Mardi Gras) and the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating contests which is broadcast on ESPN, its almost like watching the WWE World Wrestling Championship.

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