One of the great appealing things to Meth Crabs is it's amazing use of the Coney Island characters.


Like the Vegas strip scenes in Mars Attacks, Meth Crabs will force a rag tag team of eclectic weirdos to join forces and fight for their lives alongside our heroine and her suburban family.


A nerdy Nathan's hot dog salesman, will use a fryer not to make greasy onion rings but to deep fry the drug addled crustaceans.


A ex-CBGB-punk carney who works the dart stand will use his god given dart skills to kill crabs instead of take tourists money.


A loner fire breather and overall sideshow performer will put his stage persona to rest and use his unusual skills to fight off the scuttling fiends to protect his newfound friends.


A down on his luck fortune teller with the undependable nack at predicting terrible omens, suddenly finds himself right on the money with his prediction of a mass disaster that will take many lives, including his own.


A narcissistic lifeguard who's perfect hair keeps him from saving lives is suddenly thrown into the mass hysteria of the crabs attack and is forced to make a choice between his safety and the safety of others.